Beneficiated Range


Interlocking Concrete Paving

Interlocking concrete paving is strong and durable and ideal for use on public roads, heavy commercial and industrial areas, municipal sidewalks, parking lots and estate driveways.

Modern Paver Shapes

Create striking paving for commercial landscaping, residential driveways, patios and pool areas with these modern pavers with straight and unbevelled edges.

Large Paving Blocks

Luxurious and innovative dry cast concrete pavers which are 27 times the size of standard paving bricks. Unique to Bosun.

Beneficiated Finishes

Beneficiated concrete paving is a first in South Africa. They create attractive and unique textures which are the epitome of luxury and good taste.

Permeable Pavers and Grass Blocks

These allow for water drainage on paved areas in order to alleviate storm water runoff.


SABS approved concrete kerbs including South Africa’s only patented kerb The Castle Bottom kerb.

Retaining Wall Blocks

Reinforce banks to prevent soil erosion with SABS approved retaining wall blocks.

Large Granite Urban Paver    Smooth Ethnic

    Urban Combinations.


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Our wide range of products and colours are suited for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Browse our product range for quality paving bricks, kerbs and retaining wall blocks. You won’t be disappointed.

A roadmap to buying paving

Roadmap to buying Paving

This section provides information which is truthful, objective and accurate regarding paving and which is critical for the consumer to have, in order to make informed decisions when embarking on a paving project.

Bosun Innovation


Bosun is one of the leading innovators in the concrete industry, we constantly strive to bring new and improved, state of the art products onto the market. View our new additions to an ever expanding product line.

Proud members of the Concrete Manufacturers Association

CMAThe CMA regulates and monitors technical standards on precast concrete products. Complying with these standards assures members that their products maintain their integrity, accuracy and quality. CMA members who don’t comply with the stipulated standards would be at risk of losing their CMA membership.

Bosun can confidently assure the paving industry that it adheres strictly to the stipulated CMA standards and regulations with zero tolerance for deviation regarding their precast concrete products and thereby confidently guarantees its products in terms of quality and integrity.


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