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Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking pavers are designed to ‘lock’ together when installed providing hard-wearing durability and strength.

60mm Interlocking Paver

60mm Interlocking Paver

The standard South African interlocking paver shape with bevelled edges.

80mm Interlocking Paver

80mm Interlocking Paver

A thicker alternative to the 60mm interlocker for industrial or heavy commercial applications.

Shale Interlocking Paver

Shale Interlocking Paver

A textured paver designed to look more natural in time.

Rio Rocoso Interlocker

Rio Rocoso Interlocking Paver

This paver combines the benefits of an interlocker with a split, textured finish.

Citylock 60mm / 80mm

Citylock paver

The Citylock paver creates the impression of different sized pavers installed in combination.

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