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Bosun is the only manufacturer in South Africa producing precast concrete kerbs in the “dry cast” method. This is the preferred method of manufacture in Europe and we firmly believe that kerbs produced according to this method are of consistent better quality than those produced by other means. All kerb stones produced by Bosun comply with SANS specifications.

Bosun’s patented Castle Bottom kerb

In 2012 Bosun started manufacturing certain kerbs with the option of having a Castle bottom.

We are proud to announce that Bosun was recently awarded a South African Patent (No 2012/09544) for these unique kerbs.

Premium and Standard kerb stone options

Most kerbs are available in a premium or standard finish. The premium kerb boasts a special, smoother topping layer while Standard kerbs do not have this topping. Aesthetically the premium kerbstone option will therefore have a slightly smoother surface. The method of manufacturing however is much more expensive and Bosun Premium kerb stones are therefore also priced accordingly.

Figure 3 Kerb

Barrier Kerb

Figure 8C

Heavy-duty mountable kerb

Figure 7

Semi mountable Kerb

Figure 8B

Figure 8B Medium duty mountable kerb

Medium-duty mountable kerb

Figure 12

Garden Kerb

Transition Kerb

Transition Kerb

Transition Kerb


Figure 14

Figure 14 Kerb

Only available in Port Elizabeth

Channel Kerb

Channel Kerb

200mm wide Channel Kerb

Figure 4

Figure 4 Kerb

Only available in Port Elizabeth

Delineator Kerb

Delineator Kerb

Double-sided semi mountable kerb

Edge Beam

Edge Beam

150mm x 150mm Anchor Beam

Figure 10 B

An alternative to the figure 10 kerb

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