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We want to ensure that OUR promise and YOUR expectations are aligned before you sign anything.

Our promise

We promise to supply you with products that comply with the relevant South African National Standards, where they apply.

What we can’t promise

Our products should be installed and handled according to our installation guidelines, which are based on the South African National Standard and international best practices. As we are manufacturers and not installers or engineers, we cannot take accountability for poor design or installation.

Transport considerations

  • Cost
    Transport of concrete product is expensive because concrete is heavy.
  • Quality
    Our transporter uses trucks with air suspension and high-quality trailers specifically designed for transporting concrete products. Also bear in mind that the mechanical loading at our factory and offloading are included in our transport rate.
  • Trucks without cranes
    When forklifts are needed to load products in our yard instead of trucks fitted with cranes, a surcharge will apply.
  • Third party transport
    Ownership of the products is transferred when it is loaded on your vehicle.
  • Damage
    We cannot take accountability for products damaged by transporters other than our own.
  • Small vehicle load limit policy
    In accordance with the National Road act, we reserve the right to refuse to load any vehicle and/or trailer deemed unsafe or inappropriate for the load requested.


Transporting Paving Using The Probst Adjustable Paving Transport Cart
  • Concrete is brittle
    Our products will be damaged when it isn’t handled with care. Inspect products upon delivery and call us prior to unpacking when there are obvious breakages in packs. According to the National standard, 5-10% breakages are acceptable. Those are used for cutting. Also please bear in mind that hairline cracks are acceptable in concrete products.
  • Scuff marks
    Scuff marks on pavers are common just after installation.
  • Handling on site
    Dumping concrete products in front end loaders and wheel barrows will damage your pavers. Good installers will use special paving carts like these on site:

Colour consistency

  • Draw pavers from different packs
    When buying tiles, installers are encouraged to mix tiles from various boxes in order to blend small colour inconsistencies. The same applies to pavers. Pavers from a single pack installed in one area, will definitely create a patchy finish.
  • Blended colours
    Blended colours are what it says; namely blended. It is organic and supposed to vary in colour between pavers. Some blended colour pavers might appear to have a single colour only and others will be less homogeneous; this is another reason to draw pavers from different packs when installing.
  • National Standard
    The National standard stipulates that customers should agree on three different product samples covering the acceptable colour range. Please confirm this with your installer or sales representative.

Supervision and stock acceptance

  • Supervision
    A basic requirement for any contractor, is to have supervision on site. It is the site supervisor’s job to inspect deliveries and inform their superior or Bosun that he is not happy with the stock delivered.
  • Problems or concerns
    The supervisor must raise quality concerns as soon as possible once installation commenced. Bosun cannot take accountability for the installation of incorrect or faulty products.
  • Defective products
    If products do not comply with the standard, we will replace it – no questions asked.
  • Common sense
    It benefits the customer, installer and manufacturer if concerns are raised before blindly installing faulty products.
  • Installation
    We cannot be held accountable for incorrect installation of our products. When our products are not installed according to the standard it is sure to chip, crack, break, discolour etc.
    Please refer to our installation guidelines

Efflorescence and other common problems after installation

White Effloresence on Sidewalk Paving
  • Efflorescence is a white powdery layer that might appear on concrete or clay products soon after installation.
  • This is a natural phenomenon and is explained in detail on our website and thousands of others.
  • It will disappear in time and is not covered in our guarantee or fairness contract.
  • Click below for objective information on problems that you might encounter with concrete in general and therefore our products; because they are made from concrete:

Retaining Wall Blocks

  • When constructing a retaining wall higher than 1.4m, a qualified engineer must do the design. It is the law.
  • Click here to learn more about retaining wall blocks

Disputes and our Fairness Contract

We encourage you to raise concerns with your Bosun representative as soon as possible and immediately stop installing while waiting for a resolution. For us to formally record and deal with your dispute/complaint effectively, kindly complete the form below and share it with your Bosun representative.

We are committed to deal with any complaints within 48 hours.

If our product does not comply to the standard, we will replace it at our cost. Bosun will also compensate you for upliftment and re-installation of product, up to an amount of twice times the value of the defective product we delivered for the order in question, exclusive of VAT, provided your account is in good standing with Bosun.

However, should our products comply and the installation has not been done according to the standard, it is the installer’s responsibility to resolve the complaint

Purchasing process

When placing an order

Stock availability

Please confirm availability prior to placing your order.


We can only release stock once EFT payments reflect in our bank account. Credit card payments are also accepted.

Confirm Order Details

Ensure that the quantities, colours, contact numbers and the delivery address of your order are correct