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Advantages of Permeable Paving


Because water is attenuated slower, permeable paving achieves the following:

  • Permeable paving inhibits water flow.
  • Relieves pressure on stormwater drainage systems.
  • Less erosion in drainage channels and streams.
  • Less pollution in natural water resources.
  • Permeable paving creates more development opportunities because less water needs to be attenuated at the cost of developable land.
  • As with any segmented paving, permeable paving could be uplifted and reinstated with ease, providing easy access to underground utilities.
  • As with all segmented paving, permeable paving naturally achieves traffic calming when used on roads.


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  • Because fewer and smaller attenuation ponds are required, more land becomes available for development and therefore creates more potential income for property-owners.
  • Attenuation ponds are prone to attract rodents, mosquitos and other pests.
  • Permeable paving offers alternative drainage possibilities in low-slope areas.
  • A permeable paving system could be designed to harvest water.
  • Layer works of permeable paving serve as a natural filter for harvested water.
  • Urban development starves the earth of natural penetrating rainwater. Permeable paving offers a solution to this problem. Instead of water being carried away in stormwater systems, localised penetration of water still take place as intended.
  • As a consequence, underground rivers are fed which generally offer life to agriculture and nature downstream.
  • Permeable paving allows water to slowly drain in a localised area, rather than being flushed away. As a result, it cools down the area in question for a longer time period.
  • Permeable paving is generally available in colours with a lower solar reflectance, which in turn minimises the “Urban Heat Island effect”. Therefore, less energy is consumed by air-conditioning due to a cooler urban environment.

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