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Bosun Produces Delineator kerbs for Tshwane BRT system

20th January 2014

Bosun, manufacturer of concrete paving products, renowned for their innovative products, was commissioned late last year to create a unique solution for the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) project in Tshwane by early January 2014. Tshwane’s BRT system is a high-quality transit system that delivers fast, comfortable and cost-effective urban transport by means of a segregated right-of-way infrastructure.

Engineers working on the BRT project wanted a kerb that would be small enough for buses to commute over, whilst at the same time, too big for both minibus taxis and cars to drive over.

With these instructions, Bosun engineered a “Delineator kerb”. Delineator kerbs separate the bus lanes from the general traffic lanes and are more cost effective than placing two separate kerbs back to back, while being much safer than having one kerb with a straight back facing one of the lanes.

Bosun’s Delineator kerbs have the following features:

  • Its sloping profile minimises the risk of a vehicle rolling, if it should strike the kerb.
  • There are 100mm wide drainage gaps spaced two metres apart. The gap width and spacing were carefully calculated to optimise drainage, while still separating traffic lanes.

Bosun briefed their German supplier to manufacture the newly engineered mould according to the specified dimensions.  This was achieved successfully, in record time, and within weeks the mould was completed and flown to the Bosun factory in Midrand.

Bosun is currently able to produce more than 1,000 Delineated kerbs per day, thus allowing them to supply delineated kerbs for a total of some 80 kilometres of bus lines in the two phases of the Tshwane BRT project.

Apart from the BRT system, these kerbs offer a unique solution to mall parking and lane separation on busy city roads.

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