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Bosun Street Scaping

Our range of Streetscaping products can be integrated seamlessly into the design of commercial and city landscapes. Bosun tactile paving assists the blind or visually impaired pedestrians to navigate effortlessly in residential, commercial and industrial landscapes. Our products acknowledge the fact that people engage in public spaces and, as such, we aim to offer visual elements that create unique street character.

Cycle Paver

Cycle Pavers can be used demarcate cycling lanes.

Pedestrian Paver

An indicative Paver displaying pedestrian walkways.

Directional Tactile Paver

The Directional Paver has “truncated bars” detectable by a cane, or underfoot, indicating a public pathway  .

Warning Tactile Paver

This Paver has an indicative surface which assists blind or visually impaired pedestrians.

Concrete Bench

Concrete Bench provides beautiful permanent seating.


Bollards were designed to be functional yet aesthetically pleasing.



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