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Bosun VFC Retaining Wall Block

Bosun Vertical Fixed Connection wall block advantages

The VFC (Vertical Fixed Connection) retaining wall block produces a vertical wall:

  • Vertical walls are required on various infrastructure projects with space constraints.
  • Vertical walls save a lot of wasted space at the top of a wall. Conventional retaining block walls are installed at around 80˚, at best.
  • The higher a vertical wall, the more usable ground space is created.
  • The double-nib-and-valley system creates very high sheer resistance, resulting in better interlinking of successive courses.
  • The VFC block complies with SANS 508 and block heights, in particular, are guaranteed to be consistent.



VFC Retaining Wall Block Cut View

Cut Side View

A positive mechanical connector fixes the geogrid to the block, enabling the building of high walls:

  • The VFC block has a specially shaped channel that enables the connection of geogrid with a custom-designed concrete bar (patent pending).
  • The VFC has built-in mechanical interlocking nibs, resulting in much higher sheer resistance than competing products. Consequently, less geogrid is required in this system (max = 813mm spacing).
  • When turned around, the base block noted below becomes the capping for the top of the wall.
  • The VFC block is compliant with SANS8006-1 and tests have been conducted in accordance with ASTM D6638 and ASTM D6916 to verify the local facing stability.

  • The concave corner can be achieved by simply flipping the VFC block over from front to back.
  • The convex corner can be made by shifting the rear of the blocks towards each other.
  • The height tolerance of the block is guaranteed to be less than 0,5mm. The accuracy of the wall will therefore only depend upon the accuracy of the base construction.
  • The weight of the VFC is ±24kg, making it easy enough for one man to handle.
  • The VFC block can be brought to the face of the wall by brick-grab or something similar, further reducing labour costs.
  • The VFC block has been designed for use with a variety of geogrids.
  • The locking of the geogrid into the VFC block is fast and simple.
  • The VFC block can be used to construct linear, concave and convex wall geometries with a 2m radius Patent: ZA 2017/08449

Technical Info

Product NameVFC BlockVFC Base Block
Dimensions300 x 300300 x 140
Mass per block24kg13kg



Technical Info

Product NameVFC BlockVFC Base Block
Dimensions300 x 300300 x 140
Mass per block24kg13kg


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