Bosun manufactures a variety of technical products that are fit for purpose. We strive to provide you with products and solutions to meet and surpass your client’s expectations. We also endeavour to have the relevant technical information available on this website in order to make it simple for engineers to design with our products.

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Bosun manufactures 3 different Retaining Wall Blocks, of which two are patented. All our blocks comply with the South African National Standard and in addition, our blocks have been tested for block-on-block friction and nib shear strength.

In addition to our retaining wall blocks, we manufacture two permeable paving solutions as well as patented erosion control block – the Bosun Buffalo Block.

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It’s not only our intention to be a supplier to the construction industry, but to also contribute to the industry itself and work towards improving the industry. To this end, Bosun is a member of the American Paving (ICPI) and Retaining wall (NCMA) associations who gave us access to the leading world’s leading installation training and design guidelines and we in turn made it available to the South African market. Visit our information centre to learn more.

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Should you require assistance, or any information currently not available on our website, we have an Engineering Department with qualified engineers in our employment in order to provide you with relevant advice.

Our engineers will guide you throughout the process and assist you with what needs to be done and how to do it. They will discuss design concepts with you and link you to specialised and preferred contractors. If design is required, they can also put you in contact with design engineers.