Why Choose Bosun


Owning the best manufacturing equipment is one thing. However real value is only added by the expertise of the people operating that equipment.

Bosun has employed the expertise of Industry Leading European Consultants and invested heavily in staff development and training both locally and with our partners overseas.

This has resulted in a product offering consistent with leading European manufacturers.


Jochen Meyer, one of Bosun’s European associates  and block making consultant

State of The Art Manufacturing Equipment

Hess machine used a Bosun Brick

Bosun pavers are manufactured exclusively on Hess Machines and SR Schindler machines are used for beneficiated finishes. These companies form part of the “Top Werk” group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precast concrete equipment.

The weak South African Rand makes it more expensive to invest in this equipment but we strongly believe that the accuracy of these machines as well as their up to date technology produces a product which is vastly superior to the average cheaper alternatives.

Manufacturing Technology

Bosun manufactures a double layer paver offering a “base” layer which is focused on structural integrity while the “topping” layer provides a smooth, attractive finish which focuses on abrasive resistance.

Larger paver sizes

Pavers size comparison

Many of our dry cast pavers are much larger than traditional South African paving bricks.

Wet cast concrete manufacturers have traditionally been known for the production of large “flagstones”, which could be viewed as similar in size to Bosun’s large pavers.

However dry cast slabs offer the following advantages over traditional wet cast flagstones.

  • Guaranteed to be dimensionally more accurate than wet cast flagstones.
  • Non-tapered edges for more accurate installation and smaller jointing gaps.
  • Nibs for accurate installation.