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Yes, unlike most of our competitors, Bosun sells directly to the public.

Modern manufacturing equipment and increased technical proficiency have enabled concrete paving manufacturers to produce uniquely styled modern paving with remarkable finishes

Combining these unique finishes, colours and sizes, our range of paving products can be used to create spectacular driveways, patios, pool surrounds and a variety of other paving applications. To view some examples of these paving applications, visit our Idea Centre.

Bosun’s knowledgeable sales representatives can assist you in specifying the suitable products for your application – helping you create the outdoor space you’re dreaming about.

In addition, we aspire to educate our customers by sharing the essential knowledge which we have gained over the years to help you make an informed purchase decision. Even though you might not do your own paving installation, it might be worthwhile to consider the basic principles.

Visit our Information Centre to learn more about the basic principles as well as the common considerations when buying, installing and maintaining paving.