What makes Bosun different?

World class manufacturing equipment, innovation, product development and industry advancement.
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Bosun is a leading manufacturer of value added, concrete products. We strive for innovation across our entire range of paving, kerbs and retaining wall systems. To this end, we hold design patents and registrations on a number of our products. Such designs ensure superior product performance and ease of installation.  

Apart from investing in our manufacturing equipment and product development, it is also our intention to contribute to and improve the industry. For this reason, we are proud members of the American Paving (ICPI) and Retaining wall (NCMA) associations who provide us with access to leading installation training and design guidelines. We in turn, make this content available to the South African market.

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Available in 4 different sizes, these paving blocks & slabs can be used to create remarkable paving designs.

90-degree, fixed connection retaining wall system awarded with three patents and two European design registrations. 

80mm thick large format pavers provide a surefooted surface for both residential and commercial applications. 

5.2 blocks per square metre, patented design boasting superior strength and 100% consistent block heights.

From blended colours to exposed aggregate concrete finishes – many of our colours and finishes are exclusive to Bosun.

Manufactured with cavities across the bottom of its surface. These provide increased adhesion, easier handling and installation.

It is now easier than ever before to work with Bosun products. Get started with our content in your Revit projects today.

Developed locally by Bosun, the Buffalo Block is a highly versatile ACB suitable for various erosion control applications.

Covering Bosun products that suffer from defects in material or manufacture within a period of five years

Members of the ICPI and NCMA

International installation training and design guidelines and we in turn made it available to the South African market.