What makes Bosun different?

Bosun manufacturers an extensive range of paving products with beneficiated finishes which are new in South Africa and exclusive to Bosun.

In addition, Bosun has a number of innovative product designs such as our patented Castle Bottom kerb, Robust Block and the VFC retaining wall block.

Urban Paving Range

Exclusive to Bosun. Create a smooth, modern, seamless look.

Linneo Range

Exclusive to Bosun. Larger and thicker than traditional pavers.

VFC Retaining Wall Block

Vertical retaining wall block awared with three patents.

Castle Bottom Kerbs and Kerbs with Nibs

Increased adhesion, easier to handle and install.

Beneficiated Finishes 

New in South Africa and exclusive to Bosun. 

Permeable Waterwise Paver

Specially engineered permeable paving brick.

Robust Retaining Wall Block

Superior strength, 100% consistent block heights.