Common Paving Related Problems Associated with Poor Installation

Most paving installation problems have a ripple effect in that a problem is a consequence of another problem, which leads to a chain of endless issues and eventually it could lead to irreparable failure of a paved site.

The installation of paving is technical. We therefore recommend that you consult our simple guide to selecting a good contractor. These are merely guidelines highlighting practical questions that one should ask before hiring an installer.


Paving problems are mainly caused by inferior earthworks. When paving sites sub base has failed due to incorrect earthworks the result will be disastrous and irreparable.


Inadequate compaction of sub base will cause pavers to sag which will result in water ponding.


Incorrect drainage will cause ponding and will infiltrate the sub base which will cause it to fail.

Edge Restraints

Inadequate or inferior edge restraints will lead to movement and susequent loss of jointing sand.

Bedding Sand

Inferior or insufficient bedding sand might cause pavers to move and break.

Careful Handling

Careless and indiscriminate handling of paving will cause chipping and breaking.


Good cutting will create a beautiful effect, but bad cutting will look awful.

Attention To Detail

If paved lines aren’t straightened and broken pavers not removed it might lead to further problems.


Uneven paving is unsightly dangerous to walk on.

Jointing Sand

When jointing fails, pavers will move and edges will chip and break. It might also lead to other problems.

Cement Staining

Cement grouting can cause permanent stains on paving when the grouting is not correctly cleaned off the pavers.

Skilled Artisans

It is a skill to install finishing touches and little things could ruin an otherwise good installation.