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Paving lifetime and Guarantees?

The simple answer to this question is that people generally expect paving to last for a lifetime. When installed correctly there is no reason why it shouldn’t. (At least Structurally.)

There is however a huge misconception when it comes to paving guarantees. (Especially if you look at the “knock and drop” advertising magazines you receive in your postbox.)
Some installers would even claim that their paving carries a “two lifetime’s guarantee” and others offer a 25 year guarantee. In our experience, guarantees like this are largely only selling tools. They are simply unrealistic. We recommend that you take them with a pinch of salt too.

In reality, most paving manufacturers  guarantee their products for 2 – 5 years. The reason for this is that paving is exposed to the elements for 24 hours a day. They have to endure acid rain and the African sun causing natural weathering. The colour of paving will fade. Pavers will abrade. With some kinds of paving, aggregates will become visible through the surface. But the paving should definitely still be functional (and beautiful) as a unit. Therefore the issue is: Where do you draw the line? With paving, “Ware and Tare” could be a realm of endless discussion.
Furthermore, in our experience 99.9% of complaints about paving occur within the first year of installation. Most complaints are installation related although for the novice it might seem like the problem is with the product itself. This could be issues like cracking, chipping etc.) This however, is a whole discussion on its own.

Bosun guarantees its products for 5 years. (Click here to view the detailed guarantee). In short, Bosun guarantees the replacement of defective products. Please however bear in mind that with Bosun’s guarantee, and any other paving guarantee there would be terms and conditions which would include maintenance. Not many people know this and very few do paving maintenance. It isn’t too difficult, but keep it in mind. Click here for Bosun’s recommended maintenance schedule.

I know nothing about paving”. What are the most important considerations when paving?

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