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Installation guidelines for Large Pavers

Bosun Slimline, Large and XXL Urban pavers are larger than standard concrete paving blocks or bricks. In addition the Urban range is unbevelled (not chamfered). For these reasons, the installation of Urban pavers is more difficult and time consuming than normal paving bricks.

More care should be taken with the installation of Urban pavers and you should subsequently expect to pay more for the proper installation of these pavers.

As these pavers are new to the South African market and their installation not yet described in SANS 1200MJ, we also refer to www.pavingexpert.com, a British website recognised as the leading online resource for paving installation.

The installation of large pavers is also based on paving installation guidelines which should be read in conjunction with the details below.

The only real differences are:

1. Urban pavers are larger than normal paving bricks and they are more difficult to level. Thicker bedding sand, a thickness of around 40mm, will accomplish easier and better levelling as opposed to installing smaller pavers at a thickness of 20 – 30mm.

2. Large pavers are levelled by means of large rubber mallets called “mauls”, rather than plate compactors. A plate compactor should however still be used when grouting.

3. Sand grouting specified for large paving slabs in countries with more experience in their installation is washed, kiln dried silica sand with particle sizes between 1mm and dust.

Large urban paver

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