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Installation tools

Installation toolsInstallation tools


Below are installation tools available at Bosun.

Alignment Bar (left) – for aligning the paving bricks before they permanently set. Measuring and Marking Tool (right) – an essential aid for the exact measuring and making of lengths and angles on pavers.

 Adjustable Paver Transport Cart (left) – for the effortless transportation of bound or loose pavers. Unimobil (For Hire) (right) – is used to handle large paving units like the Bosun XXL Urban paver.

 Paving Slab Handles are used to handle heavy pavers like the Large and Slimline Urban pavers. XXL Urban pavers could be handled by a paving handle on each side.

 Block Cutter (left) – cuts pavers up to 300mm wide in less than a second. Both blades, top and bottom, have 4 cutting edges, thus ensuring a long life. The blades can be turned quickly and easily. String Tight (right) – straight and square edges are required when installing paving bricks, kerbs and slabs. Skew plumb lines are often a problem on site. The STRING TIGHT system provides a clearance of approx.  4 – 5 mm between pavers and the string line. An essential tool for any contractor who lays paving blocks or carries out repairs to paved surfaces. Adjustable to fit any size and shape of paver.

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