How to Select a Good Paving Manufacturer

Select a paving manufacturer carefully. Our intention on this page is to keep it as objective and factual as possible in order for it to be of use to people who need to expand their knowledge about paving.

Below are a number of factors to consider when selecting a paving manufacturer and their paving products:

SANS 1058 Compliance (concrete paving blocks)

The scope of SANS 1058:2012 outlines the national standard for the manufacturing of concrete paving blocks.

It is imperative that a concrete paving manufacturer holds a certificate of compliance for their products from either of the testing authorities in South Africa – the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) or the Concrete Manufacturers Association Certification Services (CMACS).

It is a costly and time-consuming exercise to remain compliant with the national standards. In light of this, there are many unethical manufacturers who claim that their products are compliant. For a list of CMACS mark holders click here.

If the company in question is not on this list, they are not SANS approved.

For more information on what it means if concrete paving blocks comply with the SANS specifications, click here.

Thickness of paving

An important point to be aware of is that pavers are not all the same thickness and one must always compare apples with apples. In South Africa there are manufacturers of wet cast concrete paving especially, who manufacture 40mm thick products for driveways. Industry bodies like the Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA) clearly recommend that paving should be at least 50mm thick if it is to be used on driveways.

Manufacturers with their own testing facilities

It is certainly beneficial to select a manufacturer who owns a laboratory facilitating consistent product testing and quality assurance evaluations. Without such a facility a manufacturer would not have the assurance that their quality is up to the required standard.

Visual appearance

It is always advised to see a specific manufacturer’s samples. Look at colour consistency between different pavers, surface textures and consistency in size. An indication of a manufacturer’s commitment to quality can be drawn from this.

Display/Showcase area

A good paving manufacturer will understand the value of investing in a display area to showcase their products. Not only is it used to show their product range, a display area also provides a customer with an indication of how their paving products will look and fare in a real application and environment.

Ability to supply

Ensure that your manufacturer has the ability to supply on time. Certain paving manufacturers would require a deposit prior to manufacturing your product. This is a good clue towards measuring their manufacturing capacity and depth of stock. It is usually advised to obtain very clear dates of anticipated supply and perhaps visit to the manufacturer to see their facilities and the confidence they instil.