Paving Laying Patterns

Pavers can be installed in various patterns. Certain patterns are basic, while others are more complex and require further attention to detail. Complex paving laying patterns involve more planning and precise cutting; therefore, these patterns should be left for experienced installers.

The choice of laying pattern is determined by the size and combinations of pavers as well as the application. Some patterns provide superior interlock, while others might be more aesthetically pleasing.

A herringbone pattern provides the best interlock as it can withstand traffic in multiple directions and disperses loads more effectively. Long continuous joints in the direction of vehicular traffic should be avoided. Therefore, square bond and basket weave patterns are not ideal for vehicular traffic.  

Paving Laying Patterns for Driveways

Herringbone Laying Patterns

Stretcher Bond Laying Patterns

Paving Laying Patterns for Patios and Walkways

Basket Weave Laying Pattern

Square Bond Laying Patterns