Paving Sealants and Protectors

Paving is designed to look great. It’s only natural that one would want to preserve the look of their paving. Unfortunately, the appearance of concrete paving can be affected by the substances it absorbs. Certain substances could simply stain paving, such as oil, food and drinks.

The effects of other substances are more detrimental and technical in nature, such as acid rain, which will erode concrete in the long term. Another associated problem is the transference of microscopic dust particles into the concrete by means of water – which will affect its vibrance over time.

The list continues with weeds growing between pavers and the loss of jointing sand (grouting) between pavers due to erosion or even ants.

Fortunately, there are a number of solutions and specialist sealants and protectors to overcome the problems described above. Bosun has access to a number of world class paving sealants and protectors through our sister company, Cretesol. Cretesol imports a number of paving protectors from Guard Industry, France, and Resiblock sealants from the UK. Their product offerings range from cost effective protectors up to technical, fit for purpose solutions. Bosun recommends a number of their products outlined below.

Long term effects of acid rain

The differences between waterproofing, pore filling and impregnation paving protectors

Guard Industry – Paving Protectors

Regarded as leaders in concrete protection, French chemical company, Guard Industry, have developed a range of specialist products to overcome the problems described above.

Guard Industry paving protectors impregnate the pavers and become a part of the concrete instead of forming a layer on top. As a result, they make paving impermeable and limit the absorption of water, oil, fat, grease, food stains, soil, and even graffiti. They ensure that paving is much easier to clean when exposed to the abovementioned materials.

Furthermore, they protect against efflorescence, acid rain erosion, UV rays and dust – in turn, protecting its colour and vibrance.
Guard Industry products are cost-effective, available in multiple levels of protection, easy to apply and no stripping is needed prior to reapplication.

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Resiblock – Sealing, Stabilising & Protecting Paving

Imported from the UK, Resiblock 22 is an advanced polyurethane paving sealant and joint stabiliser. Developed exclusively for concrete paving, Resiblock 22 offers superior protection and installation longevity.

Resiblock 22 forms a protective layer over the paving – effectively sealing and protecting paving by repelling oils, fuels and can also potentially prevent efflorescence.

What separates Resiblock 22 from other sealants is its jointing stabilisation capability. The sealant penetrates the loose jointing sand, begins to cure and subsequently binds the sand together – reducing the loss of jointing sand through erosion. In addition, it largely eliminates weeds and ants from digging up the jointing sand. The end result is a structurally sound paving installation.

Resiblock 22 and similar paving sealants do carry higher costs and are often specified for larger civil and commercial applications. Due to their technical nature, we recommend seeking professional advice when it comes to such products. For more information on Resiblock sealants, contact Cretesol.