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SANS Specifications for Concrete Kerbs explained

The South African National standard for precast concrete kerbs, edgings and channels SANS 927:2013:

  • Bosun kerbs adhere to SANS specifications and are all manufactured according to the required specifications and product guarantees are based on the same rules.
  • Kerbs are made up of high quality materials.
  • The kerbs will be free from cracks other than hairline cracks. They will also be free from visible twists and dents.
  • Kerbs dimensions stay within +3mm of length and straightness.
  • Kerbs comply with strength specifications.
  • Kerbs are sampled and tested in a lab.
Bosun kerbs comply with SABS specifications when manufactured from start to completion

Bosun complies with SANS specifications in producing kerbs of the highest quality and strength.



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