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SANS Specifications for Concrete paving bricks

SANS Specifications for Concrete paving bricks explained

The South African National standard for concrete paving blocks is SANS 1058 : 2012.

Bosun’s factories in Midrand, Brits and PE are amongst the first manufacturers of concrete paving blocks to be awarded the SANS 1058: 2012 mark. All three factories manufacture products according to the required specifications and product guarantees are based on the same rule.

Bosun kerbs and retaining wall blocks also comply with SANS specifications.

What does it mean if paving blocks comply with the SANS specifications?

1.  The manufacturer has an equipped laboratory and tests  batches of manufactured blocks.

2.  Blocks comply with strength specifications which are tested by means of tensile splitting.

3.  Blocks comply with abrasive resistance specifications. This means that blocks are only allowed a specified amount of “damage” due to friction.

4.  Blocks are allowed only minimal dimensional variances.

5.  The visual quality of the blocks should be acceptable.

A customer has recourse if necessary when it comes to the quality of paving blocks.

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The fully equipped testing facility at Bosun Midrand. (All Bosun branches have fully equipped testing facilities).


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