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Selecting the right paving contractor

Quality paving installation comes at a premium. Since 1995 we have seen many paving installations and problems on sites. The installation of paving is a skill and it costs money to do it properly. Herewith some common questions to ask a contractor in order to assess if you will get what you expect.

The questions below guides you in identifying what aspects a contractor should adhere to in order to ensure a structurally sound paving installation. The table will help you identify the difference between a good, risky and bad paving contractor.

Questions to ask a paving contractorWorld ClassRiskyIncompetent
Will you dig up any soil?  this costs more     
Will you construct a foundation layer with G5 material or similar?  this costs more      
Will you compact the foundation layer using a roller or heavy plate compactor?  this costs more      
Do you have a plan for drainage and water runoff?  this costs more      
Will you lay pavers and kerbs on edges in concrete and haunch it with concrete?  this costs more      
Are you going to bed the pavers in moist bedding sand, screeded in sections?  this costs more      
Will you have a plate compactor on site all the time when installing my driveway?  this costs more      
Will you install flagstones on a concrete bed?  this costs more      
Will you move pavers on site without tipping wheelbarrows?  this costs more      
Will you draw pavers from different packs when installing?  this costs more      
Will your cutting be clean, straight and accurate?  this costs more      
Will you grout my flagstones with special paving grout?  this costs more      
Will you have experienced supervision on site?  this costs more      
Will you remove rubble promptly?  this costs more      
Will you have a toilet on site?  this costs more      
Cleanliness and professionalism?  this costs more      
Good admin and systems?  this costs more      
Do you require a deposit?Usually requires 50% upfrontIf the contractor wants

more than 50% upfront,

you are at risk.

Usually requires more

than 50% upfront.

Will try substitute quality pavers with a cheaper product from an unreliable supplier?      
Can I contact the contractor even after installation is complete?       
Will the contractor take responsibility if things go wrong?       

Generally these contractors

walk a fine line in order to

be price competitive.

 Make the right choice:Paving installed by these

contractors is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Paving will last but sagging,

ponding and edge failures might

appear very early on if any of the

above aspects are not adhered to.

Paving is guaranteed to fail.

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