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How to spot the difference between a good and bad paving contractor

Quite often we find ourselves in a position where the people we have hired (contractors) provide us with more problems then solutions. In order to avoid this and make the installation process as smooth as possible, we have provided you with a table comparing what a good VS  bad paving contractor will offer you. Use the statements below as a guide before hiring a contractor.

A good paving contractor will:

A bad paving contractor will:

Promptly remove rubble during and after the installation. This is the sign of a contractor who cares.Use the excuse that "my truck broke down" or that it is simply not their responsibility to remove the rubble.
Answer their phone after the installation is complete.Not answer your calls after installation. For this reason we recommend that you ensure the contractor has a landline number and a legitimate physical address.
Take responsibility when things go wrong. This is standard procedure for them.Will take no responsibility whatsoever. For this reason, try to ensure that the contractor belongs to an industry body like the CMA or MBA.
NOT charge you a large deposit."The bricks are the most expensive item and I have to pay cash up front". If the contractor wants more than 50% upfront, don't use them.
Have a toilet on site for his staff to use."My guys don't generally need a toilet".
Ensure his staff are dressed in overalls or some form of work attire.Wear what they wore when the "contractor" picked them up at the hardware store.
Have a good admin system in place."If you pay cash, I won't charge you VAT".
Ensure that the best pavers for your money are installed. This is part and parcel of the job for him.Advise you that "all bricks are the same. These cost less because the manufacturer doesn't advertise.

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If you wish to identify what aspects a contractor should adhere to in order to ensure a structurally sound paving installation, click here

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