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Figure 8C Kerb

A heavy-duty mountable kerb for use on commercial and municipal road edgings where vehicular traffic needs access.

Technical Information

Product NameFig 8C LongFig 8C Short
Length 1000mm 330mm
Mass Per Unit ± 107kg ± 36kg
SANS 927 : 2007 927 : 2007

Figure 8C Kerb: Heavy-duty mountable kerb

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Similar Kerbs

The Figure 8C kerb has a total height of 200mm. If you are looking for a mountable kerb that is less steep the Figure 8B kerb has a total height of 175mm.
The Figure 7 kerb is also a mountable kerb. It is a lot steeper in gradient than that of the Figure 8C kerb.

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