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Transition Kerb (7/8C)

The Transition Kerb serves as a neat and simple transition between a Figure 7 and Figure 8C kerb. It is easy to install without the need for on-site curing.

Transition Kerb (7/8C) with dimensions

Technical Information

Product NameTransition Kerb (7/8C)
Length 1000mm
Mass Per Unit ± 120kg

Transition Kerb (7/8C)


The SABS does not have a certificate for a product of this shape. The Transition Kerb is however made the same way as our SANS 927 kerbs.

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Similar Kerbs

Figure (7/8C) Transition kerb in both directions. This kerb aids in the transition between a Figure 7 semi-mountable kerb and an 8C mountable kerb.

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