Large Urban Paver

The Large Urban Paver is designed for smooth trafficking of trolleys at shopping complexes, but at the same time creates a uniquely contemporary look to complement modern residential architecture.

Manufactured in:

*Please note – colours and finishes may vary between branches.

Basic colour options for this paver:



Other colours could be available on request.

Consult your local representative for more information on other colour options.
*T’s & C’s may apply.

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 Installation of large pavers is more difficult, we recommend that you use an experienced contractor..

 Experience showed us that imperfections are accentuated more when using large pavers. Imperfections are less obvious when using smaller pavers. Therefore, care must be taken when installing large pavers.

 Bosun has installation guidelines for large pavers. These guidelines enable you to get an understanding of the steps that should be followed by contractors when installing paving.

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Product NameLarge Urban Paver
Dimensions 300mm x 400mm
Mass per paver ± 17.5kg
Pavers per m²8
 SANSProduct size too big for SANS specification.

The Urban Paver is 60mm thick and has successfully been used in combination with the Venetian range.
The Urban paver has smooth, non-bevelled edges. Another product with non-bevelled edges is the Shale Interlocking Paver.