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A roadmap to buying paving

As a manufacturer of dry cast concrete paving with various factories, Bosun sells vast quantities of paving. Additionally our sister company (SmartStone) is also a leading manufacturer of wet cast concrete paving. Therefore we’ve learned a great deal about paving and acquired much knowledge through the years.

Our objective with this section is to provide information which is truthful, objective and accurate regarding paving and which is critical for the consumer to have, in order to make informed decisions when embarking on a paving project.

We have found that prior to installing a driveway, walkway, patio, or paving a pool area, the majority of people want truthful and objective answers to the same basic questions. Below is what we consider to be a road map to buying paving. Click on the questions to read the articles.

Truthful and objective information to consider before buying paving

Selecting the right contractor

80mm Interlockers installed

Follow these questions in order to identify what aspects a contractor should adhere to in order to ensure a structurally sound paving installation.

How much does paving cost?

Sandton sidewalk Urban Slimline Paver

Click here for a ballpark estimate of how much your paving will cost and should you buy directly from Bosun.

How long will paving last?

How long should paving last and what guarantees can be expected from paving installations in South Africa

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