Stone Finishes - Smooth Exposed Aggregate Paving

The specially selected aggregates used in these pavers are exposed by “grinding” the surface to eventually cut through the aggregates. The grinding process creates a smooth exposed aggregate finish with the most interesting effects, especially when viewed from close. This unique grinding process is commonly referred to as a “honed concrete finish” or a “polished concrete finish”.

Not one of these pavers are identical and the contrasting colours in them creates life in the paved surface.

Selected Urban and Linneo pavers are available in these polished finishes.

These natural stone finishes are exclusively available from our Midrand branch.

Bosun Shearstone finish

Our natural stone pavers are available in the following colour options:

Stone White

Colour texture close up

Stone Black

Colour texture close up

Stone Grey

Colour texture close up


Colour texture close up