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G5 Sub Base Material

Limited amount of G5 sub base material available to paving contractors.

Bosun currently has a limited amount of G5 sub base material available for sale in Midrand. Transport could be arranged.

Price: Negotiable depending on quantities.

Test results available on request.

Please note, these materials are strictly available from the Bosun Midrand branch. Contact us at 011 310 1176 for any queries or email info@bosun.co.za


The sub base is a critical element of any paving design intended to carry vehicular traffic as it is the main load-bearing layer distributing weight evenly to the earth below. In South Africa, installers of segmented paving blocks often overlook this element of design as it is argued by some that our sub grade (natural earth) could in certain instances be good enough to act as a sub base. Bosun however does not support this point of view. When it comes to driveways, a compacted sub base of good quality material is more important than the paving blocks themselves.


  G5 and G7 materials next to a crusher G5 and G7 materials that can be used as sub base material G5 and G7 materials


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