Castle Bottom Kerb

A new innovation in kerbs, introducing the Bosun Castle Bottom Kerb, currently available in our 1000mm Figure 8C, Figure 3 and Figure 7 Kerb.

Advantages of Castle Bottom Kerbs, compared to conventional kerbs:

The Castle Bottom Kerb has ribs or cavities across the bottom of its surface. In addition, our Figure 3 and Figure 7 kerbs are manufactured with nibsclick here to view more.

  1. The cavities provide a grip for installers when laying the kerbs, which allows for much easier handling. (Left Row A)
  2. The cavities make the Castle Bottom Kerb much quicker and easier to install. Where unlevelled screed surfaces forced installers to uplift, fill up and re-lay conventional kerbs it is easier to manoeuvre a Castle Bottom Kerb into place, with the screed being displaced into the cavities in the kerb. (Left Rows B & C)
  3. Kerbs are laid on a concrete screed. Because the Castle Bottom has more point loads, it will therefore sink into the screed, providing much better adhesion IN ALL DIRECTIONS. The Castle Bottom eliminates air pockets in the screed beneath the kerb. Air pockets could create tensile weaknesses beneath the kerb when installed.  (Left Row D)