Delineator Kerb

The Bosun Delineator kerb allows for buses to mount the kerb if necessary while smaller vehicles can’t. Ideal for bus lanes and BRT’s, shopping malls and parking bays. In principle, the delineator kerb is a double sided, semi-mountable kerb – making it a cost-effective alternative for applications that require two separate Figure 7 kerbs to be installed back to back.

The delineator kerb can also be used as “parking stop blocks” or “wheel stoppers” that are commonly used to restrain vehicles from moving beyond prescribed parking areas. Applications include parking areas in front of other vehicles, sidewalks, pavements, structures and areas situated on retained earth. The recommended installation is similar to other precast kerbs – in turn creating a barrier with superior strength and longevity when compared to epoxy/resin mounted or rubber alternatives.

Click here to see the Delineator kerb installation in principle.

As the shape of the Delineator kerb is not approved by the SABS it cannot carry SANS 927. It is however manufactured exactly like our SANS 927 approved kerbs.

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Delineator Kerb Applications

Technical Information

Product NameDelineator Kerb
Length 1000mm
Mass Per Unit 115kg