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At Bosun, we only use German manufacturing equipment and moulds while all our products comply with the South African National Standards and are covered by a five year guarantee. In addition, Bosun is the only producer in the country able to manufacture certain sizes and finishes seen on this page. You can buy direct from our factories and Bosun delivers.

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Exclusive to Bosun

Urban Range

Urban Pavers are non-bevelled and designed to create a smoother paved surface.

Linneo Range

Our new flagship range of pavers boasting shapes and sizes never before seen in South Africa.

Bosun Flagstones


Modern patio pavers with textures derived from real stone.

Brick Shape Pavers

Bevel Bond

Bevel Bond brick

Standard brick shaped paver with a smooth-surface and beveled edges.

Split Bevel Bond

Split Bevel Bond Paver

A split, standard brick shaped paver creating the impression of small cobbles when installed.

Rio Rocoso Bevel

Rio Rocoso Bevel

This split brick shaped paver has a textured surface to create the impression of small, textured cobbles when installed.

Unique Shape Pavers

Smooth Ethnic

Smooth Ethnic paver

A bevelled paver, 50% larger than a standard paving brick.

Bosun Cobble

Bosun Cobble paving brick

These pavers create the impression of 150mm cobbles when installed but are easier to install than loose cobbles.


A slim,classical European style paver that creates a unique effect.

Interlocking Pavers

60mm Interlocking Paver

60mm Interlocking Paver

The standard South African interlocking paver shape with bevelled edges.

80mm Interlocking Paver

80mm Interlocking Paver

A thicker alternative to the 60mm interlocker for industrial or heavy commercial applications.

Shale Interlocking Paver

Shale Interlocking Paver

A textured paver designed to look more natural in time.

Rio Rocoso Interlocker

Rio Rocoso Interlocking Paver

This paver combines the benefits of an interlocker with a split, textured finish.

Citylock 60mm / 80mm

Citylock paver

The Citylock paver creates the impression of different sized pavers installed in combination.

60mm/80mm Organic Paver

These pavers offer two new finishes and are available in Urban Samll and Interlocking Pavers.

Permeable Pavers

Grass Block

Grass Block - a paver designed to be planted with creeping grass.

A paver designed to be planted with creeping grass.

Waterwise Paver

Waterwise Paver - A specially designed paver that allows for more drainage and less water run-off.

A specially designed paver that allows for more drainage and less water run-off.

Permeable Citylock

A permeable paver engineered to be installed in combination with the standard Citylock paver.

Our factory show areas are open to the public and building professionals alike. Many of our products are also stocked by leading hardware stores or supplied by residential paving contractors. Our paving blocks are consistently specified by leading architects while large civil companies, municipalities and all reputable contractors also use them.

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