Beneficiated Paving Products

Paving is used outdoors which means as part of the landscape and is generally intended to be a feature from a distance. Beneficiated paving finishes use the colour and texture from the natural stone and other aggregates they are made of, in order to complement the landscape in an unobtrusive or in a striking manner. 

Beneficiated Finishes offer textures and finishes not commonly seen in South Africa. In countries like Germany however, concrete paving manufacturers like Godelmann, Klostermann, and Ehl have produced beneficiated concrete paving for many years. Our Beneficiated finishes are achieved by means of technical processes such as shot-blasting, polishing/honing and washing. To see how these products are manufactured, click here. Beneficiated finishes are available on selected UrbanLinneo and Interlocking pavers. Certain finishes are exclusive to Bosun flagstones.

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