Bevel Bond

The Bosun Bevel Bond Paver is a standard concrete paving brick. This is the most cost effective paver available from Bosun and is relatively simple to install.

Our Bevel pavers are 50mm thick and are approved for use on residential driveways. For commercial driveways we recommend 60mm thick pavers. Most concrete paving manufacturers in South Africa produce Bevel pavers. The surface size of Bevel pavers may vary with a few millimeters between manufacturers. The logic is to create some kind of uniqueness in the product.

Manufactured in:

*Please note – colours and finishes may vary between branches.

Basic colour options for this paver:









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Product NameBevel Bond Paver
Dimensions200mm x 100mm
Mass per paver 2.15kg
Pavers per m²50
 SANS1058:2012 approved

 Bevel pavers are practical to handle & easy to install.

 These pavers are available in all our standard colours.

 Bosun Bevel pavers comply with SANS 1058(South African National Standard for paving bricks). Ensure that you compare “apples” with “apples” when buying paving bricks.

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The Split bevel bond paver, and Rio Rocoso Bevel are also 50mm thick. 50mm thick products are good for residential driveways but not recommended for commercial driveways.
The Smooth Ethnic Paver is 55mm thick and in many instances used in combination with the Bevel Bond paver.
Use Figure 12 Kerbs for a neat edge restraint on your paving.