Bosun Cobble

The Bosun Cobble creates the impression of 150mm x 150mm cobbles when installed. It is manufactured in a double paver shape in order to create better interlocking when installed, compared to smaller square cobbles.

Manufactured in:

*Please note – colours and finishes may vary between branches.

Basic colour options for this paver:





Other colours could be available on request.

Consult your local representative for more information on other colour options.
*T’s & C’s may apply.

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 The Bosun Cobble in grey and charcoal is approved for driveways at the Waterfall Country Estate.

 We recommend installation in the Herringbone and Stretcher Bond patterns which create better interlock than the Stack Bond laying pattern.

 Concrete is porous. Fine dust might settle in its capillaries and paving will appear dull. Regular washing of pavers might be required in order to restore its vibrance.

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Product NameBosun Cobble
Dimensions 300mm x 150mm
Thickness55mm (PE branch) or 60mm (Gauteng)
Mass per paver 5.8kg
Pavers per m²22.2
 SANSSANS 1058 : 2012 approved

The Bosun Cobble is 60mm thick. 60mm thick products are good to also use on commercial applications.
Interlockers like the 60mm InterlockerShale Interlocker and Citylock are also 60mm thick.