Bosun XXL Paving Slab

Bosun manufacturers the largest paving slab in South Africa – the large XXL paving slab. Bosun XXL paving slabs are ideal for walkways and landscaping applications.

Please note that it weighs in excess of 90kg’s each and we recommend using a Probst Kerb Handler to handle to install these pavers. Because of their size you should consider a higher wastage factor on site. If one paver breaks, you essentially lose half a square meter.

Please also bear in mind that because of their size, the earthworks must be perfect for it to be installed on a flat surface. Any protrusions in the earth will create pressure points on specific pavers.

Manufactured in: *Please note – colours and finishes may vary between branches.

Basic colour options for this paver:



Other colours could be available on request.

Consult your local representative for more information on other colour options.
*T’s & C’s may apply.

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