Interlocking Grass Blocks

The Buffalo Block is a highly versatile interlocking grass block suitable for a range of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Once installed, the Buffalo Block creates an interlocking matrix of grass blocks positioned together to establish an erosion-resistant surface, while promoting vegetation growth and remaining permeable, flexible and fit for vehicular traffic.

The Buffalo Block has Superior Interlock and Performance in comparison to Traditional Grass Blocks:

Developed with complete interlock in mind, the Buffalo Block features specially designed, patented nibs. The nibs on each block make contact with the neighbouring blocks, resulting in a complete interlocking connection. Furthermore, the nibs ensure uniform joint widths, reduce edge and corner chipping, and ensure interlock on uneven surfaces.

Unlike traditional grass blocks, the Buffalo Block’s compact design results in less on-site wastage and breakage, ease of installation and a higher load bearing capacity.

Interlocking Grass Block Specifications & Applications:

The voids in the Buffalo Block allow for the ingress of water and growth of vegetation. The size of the openings per block are 40mm x 40mm. In addition to these openings, the nibs space the blocks apart – further increasing the permeability of the installation. Once installed, they amount to approximately 20,5%/m².

The growth of vegetation in and around the blocks, creates a natural look that blends into the surrounding environment.

Suitable Applications for Interlocking Grass Blocks

Road side erosion prevention
Water channel linings and V-drains
Embankment Stabilisation
Boat ramps
Concrete strip roads and trails
Hard lawn applications