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Guidelines to choosing the correct colour pavers for your needs

Concrete pavers are made using natural elements, thus causing colour shade variations in batches.

In the manufacturing process the colour blocks may vary significantly (i.e. one paver may have predominantly or completely one colour compared to others in a batch).  We advise that when packing multi-coloured pavers, changes must be made accordingly to ensure that colours are distributed randomly to get the desired effect.

We recommend that you acquire product samples, or view the products in your desired colour from a Bosun office, before settling on a decision.  When choosing paving from a printed picture or on a website, the following key aspects may change how the colours on the image appear: the time of day and climate conditions when the initial picture was taken, the printing of the picture in catalogues or leaflets and various screen resolutions for online viewing.

When deciding on purchasing multi-coloured pavers, we recommend that you get approximately three different samples because there may be vast colour variations per paver.

When deciding to purchase tan pavers, it is vital to take note of the considerable amount of tan variations due to the oxides used.

When packing single coloured pavers, we recommend that pavers be packed from randomly alternated packs to avoid patches of different shades, along the paved area.  It is also advisable to purchase extra pavers from the same batch due to breakages.

It is important to note that the colours on pavers may fade due to environmental elements.

Paving Colour Variation

     An example of colour variation


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