Waterwise Heavy Permeable Paver

Designed to be used in the construction of PICPs (permeable interlocking concrete pavements), the Waterwise Heavy merges permeability with superior structural performance.

The block features a specially designed double nib system which provides superior structural performance and adequate spacing between the pavers to allow water to drain through the jointing gaps. Furthermore, they ensure enough space between the pavers to accommodate the correct jointing material for permeable pavements as specified by the Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute.

At 80mm thick and with specially designed nibs, the Waterwise Heavy permeable paver is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The simplistic rectangular shape creates a functional and aesthetically pleasing paved surface.

Interlocking double nib system

The double, “gear like” nib system provides superior interlock. The nibs interlock with adjacent blocks throughout the depth/thickness of the blocks; resisting horizontal displacement and turning movements, providing a structurally sound permeable paving system.

Nibs create voids for permeability

The double nib system creates a 8mm gap between the pavers which can accommodate the correct jointing material, while allowing water to drain.

80mm Thickness

The perception exists that 80mm thick pavers are only intended for heavy vehicular traffic. Because permeable pavements are grouted with stone and not sand, as with conventional pavements, the increased aspect ratio (ratio between length and thickness) creates improved rotational interlock between pavers. The 80mm thickness of the Bosun Waterwise Heavy therefore complies with all accepted installation specifications and guidelines.

Technical Information

Product Name

Waterwise Heavy Permeable Paver

Dimensions 200mm x 100mm x 80mm
Thickness 80mm
Mass per paver 3.73 kg
Pavers per m² 50
SANS 1058
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