Rio Rocoso Bevel

The Rio Rocoso Bevel Paver creates the effect of ripple-surfaced 100mm x 100mm cobbles, this paver is therefore identical to a Split Bevel but offers an added texture effect.

Bosun aims to keep stock of this product in our most popular colours, for other colours a waiting period might apply, please consult with us for availability.

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*Please note – colours and finishes may vary between branches.

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Product Name Rio Rocoso Bevel
Dimensions200mm x 100mm
Mass per paver 2.15kg
Pavers per m²50
 SANS1058:2012 approved

Be very careful when using cement grouting on textured paving, they are more prone to cement stain. There are other grouting solutions.

Straight lines are critical in installation of this paver.

A well compacted base layer is critical to providing stability in any paving installation, this will prevent pavers from collapsing in any area.

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The Bosun Bevel Bond and Split Bevel Bond pavers are also 50mm thick and sufficient for residential driveways.
The Rio Rocoso Interlocker has the same surface texture the Rio Rocoso bevel but is 60mm thick.