Waterwise Citylock Paver

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Research and development has shown us that 60mm pavers such as the Bosun Waterwise and Waterwise Citylock pavers, aren’t suitable for the long-term performance of permeable pavements.

An 80mm thick permeable paver such as the new Bosun Waterwise V2 paver is strongly recommended. The perception exists that 80mm thick pavers are only intended for heavy vehicular traffic. Because permeable pavements are grouted with stone and not sand, as with conventional pavements, the increased aspect ratio (ratio between length and thickness) of an 80mm paver creates improved rotational interlock between pavers. The 80mm thickness of the Bosun Waterwise Heavy complies with all internationally accepted installation specifications and guidelines.

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Product Name Waterwise Citylock Paver
Dimensions 230mm x 140/90mm
Thickness 60mm
Mass per paver ± 3.5kg
Pavers per m² 39
SANS 1058:2021 approved
m² per pack 9.87m²
Pavers per pack 385
Weight per pack 1340kg
Bevel Bond Paver Technical Information


Basic colour options for this paver:


Other colours could be available on request.

Consult your local representative for more information on other colour options.
*T’s & C’s may apply.

Citylock Interlocker Layout Pattern


  • It is more expensive and requires more skill to install permeable paving.
  • We recommend base layers to be designed by engineers.
  • You can select a laying pattern depending on the amount of permeability you require. See laying patterns below.
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