Bosun Versoblock

With its registered design the Versoblock offers superb versatility and is available with or without a lip. The Versoblock can be used with either its front, back or side exposed to create different finishes. With the Versoblock, the load is carried on 5 points on the block as opposed to the 3 points on similar systems. This increases the stability of the wall. Click here for more technical information on retaining wall blocks. 

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Installation Options

Versatile in aesthetic appeal, Versoblocks can be used with either the front, back or side of the block exposed to create different finishes.

Side On:

Front On:           

Back on:

Versatile in strength, Versoblocks can be installed in numerous ways to cater to the retaining wall’s strength requirements.

Side On Open:   

Front On Open:

Back On Open:

Technical Information

Product NameVersoblock
Length 420mm
Width 300mm
Height 200mm
Mass ± 28kg