Urban Range


The Urban range of pavers are exclusively available from Bosun. These pavers are 60mm thick and the Large and Slimline Urban pavers are much larger in size than standard paving bricks. These pavers are unbevelled in order to create a smooth, modern, seamless look. Urban pavers are only available in selected colours and finishes.

The range of Urban pavers could be installed in combination patterns or in a single size. If installed correctly, Bosun Urban Pavers can be used for residential driveway applications. We do however not recommend the Large and Slimline for commercial traffic.

Please note that the Urban range is more difficult to install than standard brick pavers. It requires much more skill and effort to install. When Urban pavers are installed badly, it looks terrible as it is much less forgiving than standard paving bricks. Please refer to our installation guidelines for Urban pavers and encourage your installer to consider the tips in this document.

It is imperative to install Bosun pavers according to SANS 1200MJ (The official South African specification when it comes to the installation of concrete paving).

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Small and Medium Urban pavers can be installed in combination with each other to create unique patterns and styles.

New and unique design by Bosun – create contemporary linear laying patterns with the Urban Slimline paver.

Designed for smooth trafficking in commercial spaces and can also be used to create a contemporary look to complement modern residential architecture.