Bosun XXL Paver

Bosun manufacturers the largest paver in South Africa. Bosun XXL pavers are ideal for walkways and landscaping applications.

Please note that it weighs in excess of 90kg’s each and we recommend using a Probst Kerb Handler to handle to install these pavers. Because of their size you should consider a higher wastage factor on site. If one paver break you essentially lose half a square meter.

Please also bear in mind that because of their size, the earthworks must be perfect for it to be installed on a flat surface. Any protrusions in the earth will create pressure points on specific pavers.

Manufactured in:

*Please note – colours and finishes may vary between branches.

Basic colour options for this paver:



Other colours could be available on request.

Consult your local representative for more information on other colour options.
*T’s & C’s may apply.

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 We don’t recommend plain grey XXL pavers. Plain grey pavers can vary significantly in terms of colour as it derives their colour solely from aggregates and cement whose colour is not always consistent. A mottled grey like our Granite colour is much more practical colour for these big pavers.

 These pavers weigh more than 100kg each and are difficult to install. We have special tools to simplify their handling. Contact us for more details.

 The XXL Paver is more fragile than standard paving bricks, be aware and allow more for breakages when ordering.

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Product NameXXL Urban Paver
Dimensions 900mm x 600mm
Mass per paver 105kg
Pavers per m²1.86
 SANSProduct size too large for SANS specification
 Availability Not available at PE branch